If you are interested in either type of fundraising, please fill out this form so we can prepare some information for you. We will get back to shortly regarding your fundraising with kettle corn!

This is the fastest and funnest way to meet your fundraising goal! When customers smell that fresh kettle corn popping they just cannot resist it and your sales will explode! 

The way booth sales work is your group finds a spot for us to setup and we come and do the dirty work popping the kettle corn while a minimum of 2 of your group sell the kettle corn, 1 adult required at all times. So you find a heavy traffic area, like a grocery store parking lot, your school or church on a busy afternoon, etc. and get clearance from that business. Then after our designated time is up, usually 2-4 hours, you get to keep  45% of the profits

Booth Sales

This is another great way to sell this addicting sweet treat! 

With direct sales of kettle corn for fundraising your group simply purchases kettle corn at our special fundraising price and then resell the bags. This works well for a school sporting event, church youth group, or school competition. This way you keep every dollar you make during sales. And if you sell out fast and want more, just place another order. 

Direct Sales

Fundraising Made Easy!

  • A fun, fast and easy way to meet your group's goals

  • Low minimum order requirement

  • A Non-GMO, Gluten-Free product

  • Hand made here in Arizona

  • Free Shipping

If you are looking for a fun and different way to earn money for your organization, then kettle corn is definitely the answer! 

No more messy car wash, boring wrapping paper, or unhealthy candy bars. With kettle corn your customers will be excited to buy a bag or two or three and you'll quickly reach your goal. 

Wilson's Kettle Corn makes the process easy for you, no matter what your sales goal is. 

Wilson's Kettle Corn in Tucson Arizona can help you raise money by selling kettle corn and your sales will explode! Email us for more info!