This was on Christmas Eve, he was quite excited to be at Grandma's house to play with her dogs. 

After running around Reid park, he was relaxing in the shade. 

At the dog park, checking out his new friends.

The day we adopted him, such a cute puppy!

Here are a few pics of Wilson in all his silliness. 

We are a locally owned small business run by Ben Levine. 


Wilson Facts

True Gentleman.

Upon meeting you, he will generally sit, and shake your hand. And then give it a good lick as well. 


Water Lover.

Unlike his sister, Wilson loves the water, streams, showers, baths, hoses sprayed in the back yard. He will chase it all day long. 


Not Picky.

He will eat just about anything you give him. He loves organic home made treats, but will also eat carrots, broccoli, blueberries, oranges, and of course....kettle corn!

Who We Are

Wilson's Kettle Corn in Tucson Arizona can help you raise money by selling kettle corn and your sales will explode! Email us for more info!